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HRANA PRODUKT LTD. is an animal feed factory with headquarters in Salaš Noćajski. It was founded in 1992 as a small family firm in the heart of plains fields of Mačva and Srem by Goran and Vesna Stankovic During its 27- year-long tradition, the policy of the company has been focused on quality, safety and reliability of the products. Apart from that, the company continually invests in knowledge of the employees and improvement of technological processes, as well as in storage, production and transportation capacities.

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The results of these endeavours are two animal feed factories in Salaš Noćajski and Sremska Mitrovica which produce complete mixes, supplemental mixes, vitamin-mineral premixes, process soy beans, are involved in trade of animal feed, production of chickens for fattening (broilers), as well as in offering storage services and drying of cereals and soybeans. Alongside these two factories HRANA PRODUKT owns network of retail stores and transportation facilities of raw materials and finished products.

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Processes and capacities

Complete and supplemental feed mixes are produced in mash and pelleted form and are delivered in bulk or packed in paper bags with capacity of 10, 20 or 40kg. All processes are automatized, with the capacity of 30 t/h of pelleted goods, which enables higher capacity and efficiency of production, as well as products of higher quality. Vitamin-mineral premixes are produced in a separate plant, which annually produces over 4,000t of products in packaging ranging from 1 to 30kg. A plant for soy bean processing, which annually processes about 20,000t of this raw material consists of four separate production lines…

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Quality control

HRANA PRODUKT owns their own laboratory where the quality of raw materials and finished products is analyzed. Highly sophisticated analyses are performed in accredited laboratories in Serbia and abroad.

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HRANA PRODUKT LTD. has been awarded many times in expert conferences, fairs etc. for product quality and outstanding production results, but the most prestigious award is the production index ROSS 452 awarded by AVIAGEN company.