Processes and capacities

Hrana produkt magacin

Complete and supplemental feed mixes are produced in mash and pelleted form and are delivered in bulk or packed in paper bags with capacity of 10, 20 or 40kg. All processes are automatized, with the capacity of 30 t/h of pelleted goods, which enables higher capacity and efficiency of production, as well as products of higher quality.

Vitamin-mineral premixes are produced in a separate plant, which annually produces over 4,000t of products in packaging ranging from 1 to 30kg.

A plant for soy bean processing, which annually processes about 20,000t of this raw material consists of four separate production lines for full-fat soya, soya cake and soybean oil.

All raw materials are stored and kept in accordance with the valid rule books and standards, in order to be as safe as possible for usage in production. At the moment HRANA PRODUKT owns over 26,000t of storage space in their silos, as well as a plant for drying cereals and oil seeds.

In order to carry out all these process as quickly, as efficiently and as reliably as possible, the company owns their own vehicles with over 40 passenger and cargo vehicles.